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Vain the Darkness random Encounter Generator

A simple generator for the VtM themed game I am running for some friends. It is extremely specific to my own setting and events, so it may not be suitable for most applications


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Oops, been a while. Have a GLoG-style Vampire the Masquerade hack

      Exactly as mentioned, for a game I intend to run soon, I decided to simplify and condense some of the Revised Edition of the Vampire the Masquerade RPG book into a more GLoG-like, easy manage hack.      While VtM is not particularly difficult, it does have some idiosyncrasies that I wanted to iron out, and the difficulty in combining the rules for a vampire, mage, werewolf or genius into one game was getting to me. The astute amongst you may read through this hack and realize I did not include a made, werewolf or genius hack in this at all - nope, only vampires. I got tired. That said, it would be much much easier to simply use an altered spell-list for mages and change a few things around, such as having Magic Dice instead of Blood Points or things similar to that, so most of my work is already done. Oh also there’s some lore at the end for the game I’ll be running, set in 2117 as the world is crumbling into dust.  A special thanks to Phlox over at the blog Who’s Measure God Cou

GLoGtober: Oct. 2nd 2021: DRAGON

 I have a migraine, I can barely see my screen to type, so in honour of GLoGtober, please have a dragon drawn in 5 minutes while I can barely see and can’t, apparently, process visual information with my brain. I didn’t say it was good. His name is Franklin