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Idle Hands Make for Dangerous Work

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They Fell to Their Knees

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Princess of the Divine


Daiyu, Imperial Dreamer, Daughter of Xeuin and Dagmar

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Vain the Sword Colouring-Book Pages

Looking for something to print off and draw? Well, here are some adult coloring pages! Depending on your printer, they may print square on a page, so I recommend printing each one off on their own page.  By downloading or printing these off, you agree to the terms of usage ONLY for non-commercial purposes. Meaning: you can totally use my art for things as long as you aren’t making any money off it! Also, I’d love to see any coloured versions of these, as I love art and it would be flattering. The prints are also in high definition but this blog format does not show the entire detail, so I recommend right-clicking, downloading each image and then printing those. Cheers! -Renegade

Vain the Sword Full Character Generator

          Welcome to the Vain the Sword character generator, which will help you come up with characters of all the possible races, with looks customized to the specific race, as well as a quirk or additional character detail.       I will be adding to the generator, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!      Made with the amazing Spwack 's List to HTML Generator , which made a very large project into something that only took me a few evenings. Learn about the races, peoples, and setting of the GLoGhack  Vain the Sword  created by the marvelous Phlox

A Compendium of the Peoples of the World: Gnolls

A Vain the Sword Addendum (GLoGhack by Phlox ) Intelligent Peoples (of Holy Selmat and Beyond): Kaf-Tsadhi Humans Golems Gnolls Orcs Locusts Serset Hobbits Elves Eulogy Gnomes, Fae and Related Peoples Pre-Skeletons Talking Animals         Also known as “hyena men,” “jackal men,” and “People of the Strand.”  Large, muscular, furred bipeds with the general look of the ground-dwelling hyenas, most often with curved spines, lending them a hunched stature despite their height. Whether they were perhaps created by the same god that created hyenas is uncertain, even amongst gnoll folklore.     Gnolls generally have voracious appetites and a strong sense of smell, and most gnoll cultures and customs are based heavily around eating. Food is the most basic of considerations any gnoll can have, whether they are visiting a friend, packing for a trip, or going about their daily business. A gnoll that does not offer food to guests or friends, even to enemies, is often seen as selfish or weak,