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Potion of All Seeing Eye - drink this (please swallow and don’t chew the eye, we need it for the next potion) to bend light into your eyes, allowing you to see around corners or over hills 

Potion of the Frog Prince(ess) - open potion and drink the contents to become rich beyond your wildest dreams. Careful though, if the frog escapes before you can eat it, it will turn into a prince or princess and those are much harder to consume than a miniature frog.

Lucky Potion - drink this to have good luck. Minty aftertaste. Please call us if you have side effects.

Potion of Many Fruits - you’re gay.


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GLoGtober: Oct. 2nd 2021: DRAGON

 I have a migraine, I can barely see my screen to type, so in honour of GLoGtober, please have a dragon drawn in 5 minutes while I can barely see and can’t, apparently, process visual information with my brain. I didn’t say it was good. His name is Franklin

Session Report: Dirigible Smugglers in PB

Dungeon Master: CyberChronometer Players:  SunderedWorldDM (B I G J E F F, currently) FifthDragon Reneford (this is me) Day/Time: August 8th 2021 System: PB, designed by  SunderedWorldDM Art by Sundered also Summary: We start off as a crew of three misfit smugglers  Essim, a Noble Thief played by Fifth:  a professional and serious dirigible captain who is long-term borrowing his ship, The Fanny Mae , from an old woman, with the promise that he will give the Inquisition hell and eventually return the ship so she can use it as her funeral pyre. He can manipulate noble gases with glass knives filled with the aforementioned gases.

Sometimes I Make Art for People and It Is Good

Well, this is exciting!  Cover art for MARROW , a GLoG hack produced by the magnificent SunderedWorldDM , also known as B I G J E F F or a few other things depending on his mood, apparently. This piece inspired a tutorial on how to draw chains, as well as my need to put black feathers on every item of clothing I possess.  Interested in a commission? Hit me up, I’m pretty open right now.  Alternate Version: